Posted on 02/19/2019

Be a CHAMP! But how do you become a CHAMP?

CHAMPS is an overall classroom management system to help develop an instructional structure to allow students to be motivated, responsible, and highly engaged within their task at hand. CHAMPS is an acronym that teachers at Beulah Park use very often when classrooms are walking in the hallway.

What does CHAMPS mean?

C stands for conversation.

Can students have a conversation during the activity? If so, how loud should the student be?

H stands for help.

Can students get up and sharpen their pencil or does a student need to get the teacher’s attention by raising their hand?

A stands for activity.

What is the expected end product of the activity?

M stands for movement.

Do students need permission to get out of their seats?

P stands for participation.

What behaviors do students need to display to show they are participating?

S stands for success.

When CHAMPs expectations are met, students will be successful!

Mr. Brown is currently a behavior coach at Beulah Park. He has been extremely helpful kick-starting this system into one of our 1st Grade classrooms taught by Mrs. Arthur. The CHAMPS poster is a flip chart that Mrs. Arthur has been able to equip her students with CHAMPS expectations within all of her classroom activities.

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